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Bluestem Biosciences, Inc., is designing biology with the end in mind, to enable existing infrastructure in the Midwest for industrialized synthetic biology. We are leveraging digital biology to facilitate the discovery of biomanufacturing, focused on the sustainable production of chemicals and materials.  Bluestem Biosciences was founded in January 2022 in Omaha, Nebraska.



Bluestem believes that building synthetic biology in the Midwest will provide very strategic opportunities around agriculture & infrastructure.  Furthermore, public-private partnerships are critical for the success in this industry.


Infrastructure & agriculture are critical components for the commercial scale-up of synthetic biology.  These facets of industrial biotechnology are prominently found in the Midwest, and Bluestem is focused on maximizing their future potential.


We believe that public & private partnerships integrating government, academia and synthetic biology will accelerate our path to commercial success with biobased sustainable chemicals.  Our focus and partnerships in the Midwest should further support our ambitions.

Nebraska Biomanufacturing Bluestem Biosciences


Synthetic biology presents a very large total addressable market.  McKinsey & Co. forecasts a market opportunity of $2-3 trillion whereas BCG analyzes a market opportunity approaching $30 trillion.  Eric Schmidt has stated that the synthetic biology revolution will be larger than the computer industry.  Bluestem is focused on the biomanufacturing of materials and chemicals.

Synthetic Biology Statistics Bluestem Biosciences


Billy Hagstrom
CEO / Co-Founder
Billy Hagstrom

Billy Hagstrom previously served as Executive Vice President of Strategy & Development for Green Plains, Inc.. Prior to moving to Omaha in 2021, Billy served as Chief Executive Officer of Cannalysis. Previously, Billy was a Managing Director at Highbridge Capital Management. Billy started in investment banking at J.P. Morgan focused on Natural Resources & Infrastructure. Billy earned his BA in Economics from Northwestern University.

Tyler Autera
CTO / Co-Founder
Tyler Autera

A multi-disciplinary entrepreneur  with leadership experience across science, technology, operations. Most recently, Tyler served as SVP of Science & Technology at Green Plains and prior to that co-founded Cannalysis Labs. Tyler graduated from San Diego State with a BS in Biology.

Jared Wenger
Head of Research & Development
Jared Wenger, PhD

Jared Wenger has spent over 10 years in the biotech industry, most recently leading Technical Operations for a vaccine startup in Nebraska.  Prior to moving to Nebraska, Jared spent 4 years at Zymergen, initially developing genetic tools for bacterial and yeast strain manufacturing pipelines, and ultimately leading process engineering and continuous improvement efforts across Build and Test capabilities. Jared started his career as a strain engineer at Amyris, after receiving his Ph.D. in Genetics from Stanford and B.S. in Biological Sciences from Carnegie Mellon.

Tyler Autera
Technical Lead, Pathway Design
Mark Simon, Phd

Mark Simon enjoys bringing novel solutions to long standing problems. Mark received his PhD from MIT, where he was the principal inventor of the Automated Fast Flow Peptide Synthesis platform, accelerating chemical peptide synthesis nearly 100 fold while substantially improving yield and purity. Upon graduation, Mark spent 3 years at Ginkgo Bioworks, developing experience in biochemical pathway design.

Tyler Autera
Technical Lead, Microbial Physiology
Youngnyun Kim, PhD

Youngnyun was trained as a domain expert in microbial molecular biology, metabolic engineering, and fermentation of biochemicals. He has worked at Zymergen and at Amyris for more than a decade. His strong scientific background in microbial synthetic biology and physiology plays a key role at OLAB. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida at Gainesville, FL

Jared Wenger
Director, Govt. Affairs & Sustainability
Cameron Rylance

Cameron Rylance has a passion for environmental sustainability and people. After receiving his Masters of Biomedical Engineering from Clemson University, Cameron combined his passions with his entrepreneurial spirit to develop more sustainable solutions for single-use medical device kits. While at Clemson, Cameron’s research focused on genome editing of mammalian cells through viral transcription. Cameron earned his BS in Bioengineering from Clemson University.


Jed Dean
Jed Dean, PhD

Jed was a co-founder Zymergen where he built and led high-throughput Build, Test, and Fermentation operations. Previously, he was key in building Amyris’ strain engineering platform, and is a thought leader in industrial SynBio.

Ton van Maris
Antonius (Ton) van Maris, PhD

Ton is a world renowned bioprocess engineer, microbial physiologist, and visionary in anaerobic fermentation. He is department head for Industrial Biotechnology at KTH (Stockholm). He was formerly at TUDelft and Tate & Lyle.

Kristy Hawkins
Kristy Hawkins, Phd

Kristy has 20 years of experience in the field of synthetic biology focusing on yeast metabolic engineering for the production of small molecules while earning a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Caltech. She is currently a co-founder and CSO at Antheia.

Alex Greenbaum
Alexander Greenbaum

Alex Greenbaum is Partner at EQT Group, a $100 billion private equity group, where Alex is focused on infrastructure for North America. Previously, Alex was Head of North America Infrastructure for GIC (Govt of Singapore).

John Kwakk
John Kwaak

Founder & Managing Partner for Zero Infinity Partners, an early stage venture capital firm focused on investments to transform infrastructure. Previously, John was Executive Director & Head of Transportation for Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners.

Matt Vining
Matt Vining

Matt is the CEO of Navigator CO2, and a thought leader in transitional energy, and midwest infrastructure. Navigator is a Blackrock-backed company building the largest carbon sequestration network in the Midwest.

Our Career Opportunities

Bluestem is excited to offer a remote-first working model. Team members can work primarily remotely. Conditions permitting, teams will meet in person every quarter or two at Bluestem’s HQ, in Omaha, NE. 

Remote First
Omaha, Nebraska