Billy Hagstrom

Billy Hagstrom brings more than a decade of asset management and investment banking experience to Nebraska. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, in 2006.
Hagstrom developed a strong interest in biomanufacturing and global sustainability after studying the market potential of synthetic biology.. This occurred during a time when emerging trends in corporate social responsibility began to pay greater attention to how advances in biotechnological manufacturing have the potential to preserve resources and the environment.

In January 2022, Hagstrom co-founded Bluestem Biosciences, Inc. with Tyler Autera. Aware of the potential for expansion in the bioeconomy in Nebraska, he launched Bluestem to promote sustainable biomanufacturing in the Midwest. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of this firm, which is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

A Focus on Leadership and Industry Analysis

Prior to establishing and becoming the CEO at Bluestem Biosciences, Billy Hagstrom assiduously studied how financial markets operate. He learned the best ethical management practices and how new opportunities in emerging technologies have the ability to impart a larger social and positive impact.

After graduating from Northwestern, Hagstrom held assignments in the Leveraged Finance Group of J.P. Morgan’s investment division. His experience with J.P. Morgan gave him a strong understanding of refinancing, recapitalization, leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, and mergers.

Hagstrom joined Highbridge Capital Management in March 2010 and served as an Analyst responsible for researching and assessing long-short equities. He carefully reviewed the performance of stocks and investments for the firm to ascertain whether they were expected to decline or appreciate in value. Based upon his analysis, Highbridge Capital Management made informed investment choices that increased stock gains and limited unnecessary market exposure. He worked from both the San Francisco and New York offices while at Highbridge.

After some time working with other asset managers, Hagstrom returned to Highbridge. He assumed the role of Managing Director for the Highbridge Convergence Fund (Convergence Long/Short Equity) from June 2018 through October 2019. Primarily assigned to the company’s New York City headquarters (but based in San Francisco), his time working in this role gave Hagstrom an opportunity to witness firsthand the detailed nature of long-short equity and other technology investment strategies.