Tyler Autera

Multifaceted Entrepreneur and Expert in Biotechnology at Bluestem Biosciences
Tyler Autera, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with over 15 years of experience in biotechnology, technology, operations, and analytical sciences, is a key driving force behind Bluestem Biosciences. With a diverse professional background and expertise in various disciplines, Tyler has focused on leveraging science and technology to solve complex problems and build a sustainable future.

As the co- founder and CTO of Bluestem Biosciences, Tyler Autera has successfully applied his extensive knowledge and skills acquired from various leadership roles, including Senior Vice President of Science and Technology at Green Plains Inc. and President & Co-Founder of QC Labs. Tyler's strategic approach and commitment to innovation have positioned Bluestem Biosciences at the forefront of the renewable chemicals and synthetic biology industry.

A graduate of San Diego State University with a B.S. in Biology, Tyler Autera has also acquired a wealth of technical expertise, mastering programming languages and technologies such as Java, Spring, Python, Django, Javascript, MySQL/PostGres , Node, Mongo, AWS, UI/UX. This unique skill set has contributed to his ability to innovate and lead in the synthetic biology sector.

At Green Plains Inc., Tyler spearheaded efforts to transform the company into an innovative biorefinery, leading R&D initiatives and modernizing technology infrastructure. During his tenure at QC Labs, Tyler co-led the company to achieve the largest market share and highest profit margins in company history, emphasizing a technology-first approach and fostering a culture of scientific collaboration.

With Tyler Autera's guidance, Bluestem Biosciences is dedicated to maximizing the potential of the regional bioeconomy in the Midwest. By addressing infrastructure and supply chain challenges, Tyler aims to bring a differentiated approach to bioindustrial manufacturing, combining his experience in enzymatic and yeast technologies, automation, and quality control.

In summary, Tyler Autera is a respected leader and innovator in the biotechnology and synthetic biology industry. His diverse background and dedication to sustainable development have established him as a force to be reckoned with in the field. As the co-founder and CTO of Bluestem Biosciences, Tyler is focused on leveraging his expertise to solve the challenges facing the bioeconomy and shape the future of renewable chemicals and synthetic biology.